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Last week, LinkedIn announced a redesign that includes enhanced social features for its fast growing networking platform.  These new features are very similar to its competitor, Facebook. LinkedIn’s 55 million users (U.S only) is attempting to gain strides on Facebook’s 155 million users (U.S. only) by influencing recommendations and top of mind comments to increase the level of trust and ultimately generate new business leads.

Take a look at the new features!

  1. LinkedIn rolled out a new homepage design that creates ease of navigation with a modern touch. Caroline Gaffney, Product Management at LinkedIn, describes the homepage as “a simpler and easier way to navigate Homepage experience that offers quick access to the relevant information and updates that help you be great at your job.” The homepage may not be available to all users at this time, but you should be able to view it in the next coming weeks.

Also take note of the homepage’s clearer update stream (seen below).  The richer, more appealing design structure effectively organizes news topics with specific industry information that fits more harmoniously with your searches on LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn launched its social gestures to where users can “Like” and add comments to articles on LinkedIn Today. This allows users to see what is top of mind on their professional networks.

LinkedIn Today is a tool that presents the top news stories being shared within the LinkedIn platform. Ryan Roslansky, Head of Content Products at LinkedIn, calls it “an elegant, delightful and customized experience for news consumption.”

 LinkedIn Today can be found on the homepage (seen below).

And this is the view users see once you click-through on the homepage.

You can see the refreshing user interface is formatted to increase social functionality.

3. There is a new section called “Trending in Your Network” on right-hand panel on LinkedIn Today’s homepage that lists all of the your industry’s news articles based on the topics you are following. It also lists suggested topics to follow and filters the most trending articles from your network.

These new LinkedIn features foster a connection between you and your potential reach. When you comment or Like a trending news story, there is a bigger chance for another individual outside of your network to see your response and want to connect. LinkedIn’s goal is to increase higher engagement across the site and allow users to gain valuable insights from other professionals within their network. As LinkedIn continues to grow as a major social network, will be you be one of the early adaptors?

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+Anna Lea Crowe Social Media Strategist at Webhead Interactive.