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With my recent smartphone upgrade to an iPhone 4 (Siri = creepy, sorry!), my social media A.D.D. has directed its attention toward my new fave app of choice known as Instagram. It’s perfect for the inner photographer in me because it allows me to slice and dice my pics, add filters, and share with my friends! And not to mention it satisfies my need for social stalking (haha, joke!).

Besides my personal obsession with Instagram, brands are starting to dig in to taste a piece of the Instagram pie. Instagram provides a creative ecosystem that targets the consumer’s visual senses by providing visual status updates.

Let’s take a look at how brands are getting involved with their fans on Instagram.


Threadless designs graphic t-shirts for your everyday/random needs. They are always on the cutting edge of style and social media marketing tactics. Threadless is embracing the Instagram platform by sharing photos of new t-shirts and some behind-the-scenes photos.



Starbucks is always a top brand to take pointers from when it comes to social media. Starbucks maintains its brand image of being locally grown, socially conscious, and having consistent consumer friendly interaction. They rely on the fan engagement for their social media plan.


Redbull has created a visual playground of engaging pieces that corresponds to its brand personality. They are visual storytellers that capture the emotions of its followers that cannot be offered through non-visual content.

Instagram is quickly topping the charts as one of the largest mobile social networks. As our social communities begin to evolve, we are going to see social cultures like Instagram and Pinterest change the way consumers interact with brands. Will you be the last to adapt?


+Anna Lea Crowe Social Media Strategist at Webhead Interactive.