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As much as we all love Facebook and Twitter, #addicted, most of us tend to under-use other social platforms. Google+ seems to get some attention because of its major connection with, well, Google. But there is another network that some tend to forget about and it is just as important, LinkedIn. We are going to give you some tips to optimize your LinkedIn company page so that you really get everything you can out of this powerful, yet underutilized social medium.

1. Make your profile dynamic and interactive by leveraging the different media options LinkedIn provides. Integrate media content like images, videos from YouTube, hyperlinked banners, and links to your website and blog.

2. Make the most of the Products and Services page of your LinkedIn profile. Add the images and descriptions of what your company does and make sure to link those images back to your website. You could even embed a YouTube video describing a key aspect of your business.

3. The LinkedIn Company Profile is not that much different than a Company page on Facebook or Google+. Most company specific posts on Facebook and Google+ can have a second home on LinkedIn. Make sure your company overview page is informative and engaging. Pull in your blog posts by using your blog feed URL.

4. After you set up your page the most important step is to get followers, as that increases your company visibility. Here are some good starting points to increase your followers:

  • Make sure all of your employees link up to your company page
  • Follow industry peers, as well as current and prospective clients
  • Let colleges/clients know about your page with a call to action on your website and other online profile pages, asking them to connect with you on LinkedIn.

5. The next step is to network, network, network!

  • Use LinkedIn’s advanced search to find industry partners in your area. Follow them and start talking. Suggest people in your network for their job openings, comment on an update, or even just thank them for posting a great piece of information. The more you interact, the more others will interact with you.
  • Make yourself the expert in your industry. Don’t just post about jobs and breaking news; use your expertise to inform and teach your followers. They will find it valuable and naturally want to spread the word about your company.
  • Lastly, use the already set up LinkedIn Analytics feature to see what is getting interest and what isn’t. You don’t want to bore anyone, so listen to what the numbers say and change your status updates accordingly.

6. Get out there and start making LinkedIn connections! You can thank us later.