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Finally! The wait is over! After Google+ VP mentioned in late June that vanity URLs would be coming soon, we have been grazing on the edge of social stalking just waiting for the official news! A recent announcement from heavy weight search engine Google informed us that Google+ would soon be offering vanity URLs to business pages and personal profiles.

Currently Google+ offers this not-so-search friendly URL


But with the vanity URL, you will have a clean, branded, shareable link to your Google+ page!

Just as my excitement for the vanity URL’s began to reach its peak, I read the little writing at the bottom of the article that stated they are being launched to a limited number of verified profiles and pages first.  Ugh…and the social grazing continues! Google+ does plan to distribute vanity URLs overtime to users worldwide, but they have not confirmed exactly when.

Until then, check out some of these brands that have launched their custom URL’s:







With the launch of vanity URLs Google+ is clawing at the base of Facebook’s social king status. Brands need to make sure they are a part of this early adopter phase to ensure a consumer-friendly social experience. Stay tuned for more updates!